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  1. Shane Klemcke - Rockport, TX - Date of Hunt:  Early Teal Season - Comments:  He's a real good hunter.  My dad, my brother, and I have been hunting with Mr. Pilzner three times.  I've been satisfied with the hunts, although I've only shot one duck, which was a teal.  Hey you got' a give it to me fish.travel - spring hill fishing, I'm eleven years old.  By the way his dog "Shyleigh" is awesome.  It was just half the fun watching Shyleigh retrieve my dad's ducks.

  2. Tanner Klemcke - Rockport, TX - Date of Hunt:  Early Teal Season - Comments: I think Mr. Pilzner has a good service.  He is a good guide, a good caller, and he know his birds.  I also enjoyed watching Shyleigh retrieve all of my ducks!  He's a nice man and has also taught me how to call in the ducks.

  3. Ron Klemcke - Rockport, TX - Date of Hunt:  Early Teal Season - Comments:  I have hunted with Capt. Pilzner for four years.  I have been very satisfied with my trips, especially the patience he has showed with my two young hunters.  I am sure my boys are hooked for life.  If you have any questions, I can be reached at RKlem5@yahoo.com.

  4. Brandon Sanders - Port Lavaca, Texas - Date of Hunt: October 27,2001 - Comments:  I had a great time going on my first duck hunt ever. I had a great time shooting my 20 gauge at a real live duck. It was fun having my dad and Uncle Russell with me to share the experience. Uncle Captain Russell has a robo duck that he puts in the water to get the ducks to come. The ducks would come and they they would go away. My brother got his first duck the day we went hunting.

  5. Michael Sanders - Port Lavaca, Texas - Date of Hunt: October 27, 2001 - Comments:  I had a great time on my first duck hunt trip with Uncle Captain Russell. I shot my first duck. Uncle Captain Russell showed me how to hold the gun, when to shoot and how to watch for the ducks. Besides shooting my first duck, I had a fun time and a very good learning experience. Even if I did not get a duck, which I missed 3 or 4 before I hit the one I did, it was fun.

  6. Michell Hamilton - Point Comfort, Texas - Date of Hunt: Several Trips - Comments:  Who says hunting is just for men?  I went on my first duck hunt ever with Capt. Russell and had a great time.  My very first hunt was a teal hunt and I had such a great time that I am definitely hooked for life!  Since the first trip out I have definitely improved and have shot several ducks (Teal, Spoon Bills, Pintails and Redheads).  I still have a long way to go, but I'm getting there.  My daughter is also just waiting for her first duck as well!  Not only is the hunting exciting, but the boat ride along the bay flats is peaceful, relaxing, and beautiful.  If you've never been on a bay hunt...you don't know what you're missing.  If you have any questions, I can be reached at https://fish.travel/destination/us/fl/venice.

  7. Jerry Medlin - Wynne, Arkansas - Date of Hunt:  November 9, 2001 - Comments:  I had a real good time and appreciate the professionalism that you displayed during our hunt.  Your setup and dog work was great and on behalf of myself, my father and my son, thank you for a great hunt.

  8. Kyle Medlin - Wynne, Arkansas - Date Hunt:  November 9, 2001 - Comments: I loved the ride through the bay.  Thanks for letting me help you drive the boat.  The ducks were working great and your calling was excellent.  I liked the way that you and your dog worked to make the hunt very enjoyable for us.

  9. Josh and Lisa Fisher-Seadrift, Texas - Date of Hunt: Nov 2001- Comments: Going out on a bay scouting trip with Capt. Russell Pilzner was a 1st for my wife and I. Being an avid duck hunter this was truly an adventure for myself. We had our limits of pintails and redheads early, the rest of the afternoon spent taking photos of ducks coming into the decoys. Our enjoyment was Capt. Russell's greatest  concern. He returned us to the dock right at dusk and we were happy and yearning for more to come.

  10. Jason Bunch - Bonneau, S.C. - Date of Hunt: Nov 19-25,2001- Comments: Capt. Russell offers an excellent hunt to fit your plans. He lets you decide where and how you hunt if you like, or just let him put you on the birds. He doesn't overbook so you get all the emphasis on your hunt. He just plainly offers southern hospitality.

  11. Douglas D. Wolfe - Mannington, WV - Date of Hunt:  November 11 &12, 2001 - Comments:  Personality - Excellent; Organization - Excellent (on time/prompt); Your service is excellent; O.K. to use me as a reference anytime.

  12. Matt Erpenbeck - Houston, TX - Date of Hunt:  December 27, 2001 - Comments:  Enjoyed the hunt.  Did not kill a lot of birds, but Russell did a good job of keeping things light and making the slow time pass.  I also liked the limited B.S.!  Next year I would like to do it again.

  13. Tim Fordree - Houston, TX - Date of Hunt:  December 27, 2001 - Comments:  Thanks for a fun hunt with the Erpenbeck party.  I enjoyed your flexibility & overall attitude when dealing with clients... I enjoyed the afternoon thoroughly and would like to hunt with you again.

  14. Jack Coggins - Batesville, AR - Date of Hunt:  January 4, 5 & 6, 2002 - Comments:  I had a very good time hunting with you... Several amenities that are nice are the pop and pictures you provide.  I also like the promptness you exhibit.  (Your always on time and are ready to roll)  It is very reassuring to know your guide has already arrived and is ready to go... Thanks for a good time...  "Jack the Crippler".

  15. Peter Netland - Memphis, TN - Date of Hunt:  January 17, 2002 - Comments:  Absolutely great hunt!  Captain Russell really worked hard to help us have a successful outing.  I would most enthusiastically recommend Captain Russell Pilzner to anyone who is interested in hunting bay divers (and puddle ducks) in Texas on the Central Flyway.  We got Redheads - and the fishing was great too!

  16. Richard Drewry - Memphis, TN - Date of Hunt:  January 17, 2002 - Comments:  Great Experience!  Russell was organized and had done his homework (locating ducks!) prior to our hunt.  He was committed to making our hunt pleasurable and what we desired.

  17. Rody Best - Bryan, TX - Date of Hunt:  January 13, 2002 - Comments:  Enjoyed the hunt... Russell was a pleasure to hunt with - entertaining, knowledgeable, and accommodating.  First guided hunt that I've ever been on and it was a delightful experience.

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